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    Pharos - mobile print

    Wissam Yassin Wayfarer



      Will mobile print 2.0 be compatible with Blueprint 5.1 soon. As i know it is only working with Uniprint for now.

      And as I know that in blueprint there is no agent or application required to be installed, however in uniprint there is an application from appstore need to be installed. Any plane to the same in blueprint.



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          John Siegel Guide

          Hi Wissam,


                            On the Uniprint side, the Mobileprint App you speak of is only for printing from iOS Apple phones, they are still working on one for Android. You can send a job from any device that supports email. Mobileprint works via email, or by uploading from the "desktop" via the Pharos Print Center. I'll assume that when compatible, Mobileprint would interface the same way with Blueprint.





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              Jeff Geller Guide

              That is correct.


              Coming for Blueprint 5.2 will be the Mobile Print function as it is currently works with Uniprint 9.0 (with service packs and hot fixes applied).


              Mobile Print allows users to email documents into the Secure Release Here system.  With Pharos Print Center (PPC) you can upload files from a computer to be released as well as manage your jobs.  The iOS application allows a user to submit jobs into the SRH system and manage the jobs like deleting them and switch from mono to color.


              If you can access the PPC  web page on your mobile device (iOS or Android), you can then login like you do to the PPC  web site and print your job from there.  Some customers choose to disable the ability to Print A Job from the PPC web site for varying reasons.



              Jeff Geller

              Pharos Support