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    DHCP Printers?

    Bill Kasper Guide

      How is device scout discovery handled with DHCP printers where the IP is NOT tied to the MAC address?

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          Hi Bill,

          The device scout will follow a device when the IP address changes. Here's how it would work:


          - Device scout finds device at during a routine discovery and starts tracking it

          - Device reassigned to via DHCP

          - Device scout loses contact with the device temporarily

          - A subsequent discovery occurs, which finds the "new" device at Since the Make/Model/MAC/Serial match, the device scout knows it's the same device and updates its records.


          A couple notes for thought:

          - You can schedule either weekly or daily discoveries. If your devices are changing IP's frequently, might make sense to do daily discoveries.

          - The device scout will always attempt hostname lookup before IP (unless this setting is turned off in the scout's configuration). If hostnames are static, up to date, and resolvable, the scout does not need to wait until the next discovery to update its records.

          - If hostnames are not being used (or the scout's "hostname lookup" setting is turned off), and the device migrates out of a network range the device scout is configured to scan, it will no longer be tracked.