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UI feedback - Mobile devices

Discussion created by Paul LaFollette on Feb 20, 2015
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The UI doesn't always behave as expected when using a mobile browser.


When accessing Beacon from my mobile device in landscape orientation, the controls at the bottom of the page are half out of view and are not accessible.  If I rotate the device into portrait, the page may not redraw correctly at first.  (screenshot attached)


After successfully redrawing for portrait orientation (refreshing may help), the functions at the bottom of the page are accessible and are usable (and the page looks good).


If I rotate to landscape the page may rotate but not refresh/redraw leaving large gaps along the RH side and bottom.  When I try to do something, it may refresh and successfully redraw for landscape ... but the page bottom functions are off the bottom.


I'm frequently in different places outside of my office and thus spend a lot of time working from a mobile device, so being able to access Beacon using my mobile device is a good thing.



- Paul L.