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Hosted part of new products = can't use anymore.  Anyone else?

Discussion created by Yadin Flammer on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by Paul LaFollette

I'm looking to gather community voice on this issue.  If you're not aware yet, the new Beacon product is at this time hosted only, and portions of Uniprint 9.1 and the new mobile print version are also planned as hosted only.  The hosting is on Amazon S3 storage.  For us at Penn State, this means we can not use the products at all and would have to find a new print solution.  Obviously that's not a trauma we want, and I've detailed the issue with Pharos already, but I'm looking to see how many others in the community have this as a total stop issue.  I'm hoping with enough community backing we can get development to shift and offer a local option.


To detail this further, PSU data categorization policy prohibits (in general) certain data from being in 3rd party hands.  With the Pharos products mentioned, this includes IP address, user info, and financial data.  The additional issue is that even if PSU came to a legal agreement with Pharos over their access to this data, it has already been declared that storing any of this data with Amazon's service (which is where Pharos is hosting these services) is not allowed.  So for us, it's a total stop if things go hosted because we can't use the product in that space. 


Since Uniprint 9.0 and Mobileprint 2.0 ARE local, our push is to have Pharos reconsider this black and white move and offer the new versions in EITHER local (for folks like us who have data regulations), OR hosted (for people who want to reduce infrastructure and have no such concerns on the data in question).  I recognize Beacon may be a no go as it was never intended to be local, and we'd have to accept not being able to use that new product, but Uniprint is not a product we want to lose after 8 years of use, and the new Mobileprint stuff is great so we'd hate to lose that as soon as it started.


So, does your institution have the same brick wall issue over data regulations?  Or do you still have lax enough policies you'll be able to run this?  But if so, do you have concern rules like ours could come in the near future and then suddenly jeopardize your printing solution?