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Omega P 200's end of life cycle

Question asked by John Siegel on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2015 by John Stewart

This is one I forgot to ask during all the excitement about Beacon. What does the future hold for the Omegas? We currently use the PS200. I'm curious going forward how much longer they will be around, and if\when a new model is released what potential changes may occur. The decision to no longer support remote card swipe interaction with the PS200's was almost a deal breaker. Hypothetically, if someone were to bid on for example a 60 month contract, what are the odds that the Omega PS200's will still be supported through that time frame?  iMFP is an option for the Multifunction devices, but not for the printers.


Just curious as we move into the cloud, what we can expect from the "grounded" part of the solution. 


Anyone else thinking along the same lines?