Yadin Flammer

Missing data

Discussion created by Yadin Flammer on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2015 by Paul LaFollette

Seeing a lot of issues with missing data for devices.


Under Fleet -> Toner, 12 of the 88 listed devices have no date of last supply read and all supply levels say Not available.  These are a mix of makes and models with no apparent reason why they failed to report.


Under Fleet -> Status, there are NO statuses at all, and every device in the last read column has an alert icon that when moused over says the scout is reporting erroneous date values.  Huh?


Under Fleet -> Meter, there are a LOT of devices that list Not Available for the Print Count.  This should (as seems to be the case) be the total of the mono and color (if available) life counts, but for some reason fails to calculate/ report on a lot of printers, both color and B&W.