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    Why is this only for Laser printers?

    Yadin Flammer Navigator

      Big issue for us.  Huge.  Crippling even.


      What I mean specifically is that under Fleet there is a Toner tab.  No Ink tab.  The columns are ONLY for CMYK laser printers.  We have nearly two dozen designjet style printers that have a variety of inks, and they are all different from each other in colors, numbers, etc.  Right now we get pretty bogus info on their supply levels in Beacon as the colors and amounts are wrong, and we don't see all 6-12 inks obviously (pending model).  The layout is beautiful, and this could easily start to replace HP Web Jetadmin, but not it it can't actually show us all the supplies accurately.  As is, this is great for laser printers, but useless for everything else, as I suspect all the data would be entirely wrong on cost calculations and so forth as well since it has no knowledge of inks.  Honestly, I don't think we can use it until this is fixed as it would just give us bad info for some of our most important devices.

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          Hi Yadin,


          Thanks for the feedback! I have passed this along to the product manager.

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            Ricky Johnson Tracker

            I've noticed this as well with our network fleet that the inkjets say "Not available".  However, the newer HP OfficeJet Pro X576 (which are inkjets) seem to read the ink information as toner.


            Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 8.28.53 AM.png

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              Paul LaFollette Guide


              You're right.  For DesignJet (plotter) type devices Beacon doesn't read the supplies levels or doesn't get enough of the supplies levels info.


              I've just barely gotten Beacon on our system and have just minutes ago scanned for our devices.  Here's what it reads for an HP DesignJet Z5400:


              As you can see, it picks up some of the cartridges are low... but it isn't correctly listed.  The unit actually has 6 colors (Magenta, Yellow, Photo-Black, Light-Gray, Matte-Black, and Cyan),  In the image here, it shows 15% for Black which is actually the level for the Photo-Black.


              Here's a shot of the data in the Device Info tab.  Note it is identified as a "Laser" and "MFP" but it really is a SFP inkjet.



              Considering how new Beacon is, I'm not surprised at all there are devices it doesn't know well or doesn't get all the info.  Of course, that's one of the reasons we're here.  To help Beacon become better and better. 


              - Paul L.

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                  Paul, thanks for the feedback on the DesignJet 6-color system. We'll definitely need to spend some time researching wide-format devices and plotters. I'll pass this along to our product manager.




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                      Paul LaFollette Guide

                      Thank you, Jesse.


                      I've just noticed after a single day of running the Device Scout, Beacon is telling me one of my printers is at 51,000% utilization.   This is an HP DesignJet T1120 24inch (not postscript) and it was used to print 17 pages during that one day.  The 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day page counts all show just 17 pages.  Note: These "pages" were prints on roll paper (not sheets).


                      51,000% utilization is simply awesome.


                      I'm guessing not just the ink reads need further work when it comes to Designjets.



                      - Paul L.