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    Yadin Flammer Navigator

      I haven't actually deployed anything yet, but here are a couple items off the top I've noticed:


      1. It would be good to also register the DNS beacon.pharos.com as www. is rather passe at this point


      2. There is no way to delete a Device Scout and there really needs to be.  You can create, edit, email, and download, but nowhere in the main UI or in the edit of a scout is there a way to delete it.  The result is you can very easily wind up with mistake scouts that you can never get rid of.


      3. There is no way to rename a device scout.  While adding the delete option would be a work around for this, it would be good if you could just edit a scout and change it's name rather than rebuilding it entirely.


      4. It would be good if you could use CIDR notation in setting up a device scout discover range as well as designating manual ranges.  This should work for import as well as adding in the UI.  I have lists for my networks but I can't import them because most are in CIDR not x to x notation.


      5. This is really nit picky, but I'd change Discover to Discovery in the menu bar.  Discover makes me think it's where I find documentation.  Discovery makes me think it's about discovering devices.  I know, weird right, but it's from years of products that use these terms in those ways, the y makes all the difference.


      6. I'd also change "Account Profile" to "Administration" for similar reasons.  The former makes me think it's only for MY account, the latter is where I go to deal with organizational settings, user management, etc.


      7. This may be due to this being a trial and whatnot, but there is no info under Details and I can't edit the organization details.


      That's all for now, I'm going to try to get a device and uniprint scout deployed this week and see what this looks like once there is data in it 

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          Yadin Flammer Navigator

          Also, it seems the site has a certificate issue.  It worked from my Mac, but not from a Windows server.  It throws an alert that it's an invalid cert because no issuer chain is provided.  I suspect that I have a cert trust for an intermediate you are using on my Mac from some other use, but it's not a standard included in Firefox, so your cert chain on the server needs to be updated to include it so all clients will trust it.

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            Yadin Flammer Navigator

            Problem with the documentation: Register the Device Scout: 1. In the Device Scout Configuration tool, click the Registration icon.


            There is no such thing, and the phrasing is misleading.  That would lead you to likely select the scout you are trying to set up and click on the Configure button, which is not what you need.  This step should actually read: Copy the Registration Code for the scout you installed from the Device Scout section of Beacon. (or something to that effect)


            Yeah, smart folk will get past this easy enough, but should be accurate 

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              bsullivan@pharos.com Pioneer



              You should be able to delete and rename a Device Scout, it must be a permission issue. I will let you know when we have it fixed up for you.




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                Thanks for the feedback, Yadin.  Some of these comments are consistent with our own User Experience direction, but great to hear from practioners also.

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                  Yadin Flammer Navigator

                  A note on scheduling.  From what I can tell pretty much all schedules are automatic and can not be changed, which limits usefulness and might cause issues.  The big one I'm seeing is in the Device Scout Monitor under Task Status you see the Next Schedule Time for 6 different items.  I believe that Device Status is what is reported in the Fleet -> Status in Beacon?  The indication is this runs about every 1.5 hours, which is WAY too long to be useful.  I would like status of devices about every 10-15 minutes at least.  Ultimately this would play towards an alerts function at such time as that's added in the future, but for right now even if someone has this screen up to monitor status of devices, it's not useful polling at 1.5 hours.

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                    John Siegel Guide

                    Hi Yadin,

                                    There were several discussions at the exploration bar in line with your comments. We also agreed that it needs to update more frequently than it does. We also suggested the ability to create groups, for example one group for student labs and one for admin locations. In our case we would want to be able to monitor the student locations in a much shorter interval than the admin locations. There are some constraints since it's designed as a enterprise tool. If you shorten the response time too much (let's say every 2 minutes), and you have a large number of devices reporting back, you run the risk of creating a network bottleneck. That being said, I think your 10-15 minute range sounds reasonable, especially if you could focus on smaller groups needing the faster intervals.





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                      Yadin Flammer Navigator

                      One other tiny thing, a setting in your user preferences to set default number of items displayed would be nice.  Every time you go back in it's back at 50, and I really want it to be at 100 instead of changing it every time