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Discussion created by Yadin Flammer on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by cwilson@pharos.com

I haven't actually deployed anything yet, but here are a couple items off the top I've noticed:


1. It would be good to also register the DNS beacon.pharos.com as www. is rather passe at this point


2. There is no way to delete a Device Scout and there really needs to be.  You can create, edit, email, and download, but nowhere in the main UI or in the edit of a scout is there a way to delete it.  The result is you can very easily wind up with mistake scouts that you can never get rid of.


3. There is no way to rename a device scout.  While adding the delete option would be a work around for this, it would be good if you could just edit a scout and change it's name rather than rebuilding it entirely.


4. It would be good if you could use CIDR notation in setting up a device scout discover range as well as designating manual ranges.  This should work for import as well as adding in the UI.  I have lists for my networks but I can't import them because most are in CIDR not x to x notation.


5. This is really nit picky, but I'd change Discover to Discovery in the menu bar.  Discover makes me think it's where I find documentation.  Discovery makes me think it's about discovering devices.  I know, weird right, but it's from years of products that use these terms in those ways, the y makes all the difference.


6. I'd also change "Account Profile" to "Administration" for similar reasons.  The former makes me think it's only for MY account, the latter is where I go to deal with organizational settings, user management, etc.


7. This may be due to this being a trial and whatnot, but there is no info under Details and I can't edit the organization details.


That's all for now, I'm going to try to get a device and uniprint scout deployed this week and see what this looks like once there is data in it