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Reduce connection time-out

Question asked by Maher Abutamam on Feb 19, 2015



Our Pharos 9.0 is linked with BB transact billing software.. which is located on a different server.

To keep the students printing all the time, I enabled the gateway offline billing as you can see below.. which works when the billing server is offline or not responding..

The only issue is the timing, when students swipe their cards to release print jobs.. it takes about 20 sec to respond and then when they print, it takes another 20 sec to release the job..

and if the students printing multiple print jobs.. it will take same time for each print job.. which is unpleasant..


I know the release station is at state where it tries to connect to transact and it times out after certain time.. but is there away to reduce this time?

I could not find any option under pharos admin related to this..


Thank you.


Screenshot 2015-02-19 09.59.08.png