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    Ability to auto-login?

    brad Pioneer

      Hi guys,


      We're a Local Government Council library service. We currently have a few different "types" of public-facing PCs, performing different roles. Due to changes in different versions of the browsers available to us, we're having to change a few things around for security/privacy reasons. To that end, we're having to force our library Catalogue PCs to reboot each hour (they currently stay on all day), in order for DeepFreeze to remove any personalised info/session/other info we don't want to remain on the machines.

      Library staff, being somewhat service-oriented, want for the patron experience to be as smooth as possible, and would rather they didn't need to wait the 2 or so minutes it takes for the machine to log in and load the catalogue page, before they can start searching for the item they want.


      So - my question is... is it possible to have a Pharos-controlled machine sign in automatically? They currently use Express sign-on, which the staff generally do first thing in the morning before the library opens. With the machines being rebooted every hour, this will obviously become a lot larger an issue overall. Have had a poke around, and the closest thing I could find to this was the thread regarding automatically filling in the user ID field, which is only half-way to where I want to go, if possible...


      Suggestions welcome, please




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          John Siegel Guide

          Hi Brad,


                       Not that this helps, but our Library IT group has found that Deep-freeze causes all kinds of problems including blocking popups at the user level that would have identified a problem with Pharos. That one cost us a week of testing.


                         One possible answer would be to use a partition to store the user data and then run a log off script that blows away the data on that partition, that way each time the user logs off, the data they created is cleared. Since the log off script should run using the generic users credentials, it can only delete the data and not any system or app files.





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              brad Pioneer

              Hi John,


              Thanks for the suggestion. Fortunately, at this stage, we’ve not had issues with DeepFreeze from that perspective (we have from a couple of others, but that’s a different story). DeepFreeze is quite merrily doing the job we wanted of it – resetting any user data, installs etc. that a user may have done – when the machine reboots.


              It’s getting it to reboot (which is easy enough), and then log back in (not so easy), which is the issue for us – we want to have patrons have minimal down-time, so they are more likely to use the machines… but we also need to do our best to protect their privacy, among other things.


              We could remove the Pharos GINA, and have Windows auto log the machines in… but then they wouldn’t be “managed”, making them more difficult to support.





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