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Setting up direct printing

Question asked by Sarah Benkendorf on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by Rachel Deaton

We're trying to set up 2 printers for direct printing on our campus.  When we set it up with the default settings, we find that the jobs spool for awhile and then disappear, never to reach the printer.  We've discovered that by turning off print pooling and setting the port to the printer's hostname, we're able to print without an issue.  Every time we run change control, however, these settings revert back, back to enabled printer pooling and the secure release ports.


Anyone have any suggestions?  Is there a way to permanently apply these changes?  We just need these two printers set up, so we can print directly from the computers to the printers.  And it's certainly not an efficient use of our time to have to reapply these settings manually every time we run change control.