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PharosStationInstaller.exe V9 silent installation not working.

Question asked by Thomas Farrell on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Michael Corry

I’m attempting to write a script to perform a silent installation for PharosStationInstaller.exe (9.0.8467.27) over the current version of Pharos Station version 8.1.5293.63.  We are using the following DOS batch file command: (  PharosStationInstaller.exe /s /d"PharosDataBaseServer"  ).  When you run this command to silently install and upgrade Pharos Station to version 9 you get a popup that says “Install – This system must be restarted to complete the installation. “ Is there any other switches or process that make this truly silent without a reboot?   Our computers run Windows 7 Professional 32 bit