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    Pharos for Departmental Printing

    David Alexander Scout

      We have a Pharos rollout that is moving forward in two separate parts:

      1. Student pay to print
      2. Departmental printing


      I think we have figured out the student pay to print part, but we are having trouble with the business case for departmental printing.  And we wanted to reach out to other schools using Pharos for departmental printing to get a better understanding of how you are using it.


      We'd like to roll out Pharos to departments university-wide to provide users with a single method for access control and reporting, but it seems cost prohibitive to roll out the Pharos software to all of our MFDs.  We have over 600 MFDs, so it is not cost effective to pay a one time and recurring cost to roll out Pharos software to all of our MFDs.  The cost of restricting and tracking who is copying and printing by using Pharos software on MFDs seems more expensive that just letting folks print whatever they want, but departments still want to implement access controls on MFDs.

      Xerox accounting is a possible alternative, but it has some drawbacks - it splits up our print accounting across two systems and requires manual effort to set up and maintain access.


      I'd like to hear how other schools are approaching this problem of rolling out Pharos to departments.




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          Should as Zhiyong Tian what Bill Kasper is doing at Santa Cruz.  His talk yesterday at the user conference included 1400 cost centers.

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            David Alexander Scout

            Dale McIntyre the specific question we have is:


            "How are schools handling requests for release stations?  We have a big demand from departments, but it's cost prohibitive to roll them out given the number of MFDs we have.  So far every department we've talked to has balked at the cost of paying for a release station, which leaves us having to fall back to Xerox accounting if they want to manage print release and accounting.  Having two printer accounting / access control systems - Pharos and Xerox accounting - is not a desirable solution for us.




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              Philip Daniel Newbie

              We did this at the school I manage.  We have a 130 MFPs, about 25k users. 



              You are correct, the student side of the system is MUCH easier, just bill to their account and you are done with it.  Create a "Challenge" driver package that authenticates the users based on their domain account/Card ID whatever is relevant.  Have all students print to a few Follow you Queues, swipe and release at any public MFP (that is our model anyway)



              -Cost Centers are designated per individual by their department.  Some departments as easy, others have far a lot of cost centers. 

              -Some important higher up faculty members will not want to swipe constantly

              -Job size can be significant for some departments


              We created direct print queues for the high volume departments and fussy higher ups, so those users can print directly.  Bundle in a Pharos PopUp client that allows them to select their cost center at the time of printing, job comes out right away. The client also allows you to have the user remember the last entry, so if a user only has one cost center they pick it once and they are good to go.


              We have faculty swipe for scanning/copying as we can then auto populate their emails and such and users don't gripe nearly as much about that.


              Student Employees:

              We actually created extra cards for these.  These cards are essentially users in the Pharos database with cost centers attached to them.  The cards are then shared by the student employees in the department.  Most departments put an envelope on the wall/student cube and have the cards there for them to use.  You can build print work flows for these as well by using the ID card#, the user then swipes the card at the MFP and the jobs associated with that ID# are there.



              Hope this helps.

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                Bill Kasper Guide

                David, I spoke with Zhiyong Tian about it shortly in Scottsdale, and have some thoughts.  I'm not working much today, but will collate something and get back here next week after the holiday.  Something that amazes me is y'all have so many MFDs, how big is your university (staff/faculty and student pops)?  Any sense of how spread out your campus is?


                Also may I offer you condolences about having to do this with that particular corporation.  Proof that not everything that rolls out of Rochester is as effective as Pharos, nor as fine to work with.


                Philip Daniel's setup is pretty similar to what we're doing, without the swiping (except for functional cards).


                We're running 1400 cost centers on 91 MFDs with iMFPs/8 PS200s to 28K students and 4K staff.  We have another 87 devices uncontrolled in the back offices, paid for on a metered basis.



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