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Pharos for Departmental Printing

Question asked by David Alexander on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by Bill Kasper

We have a Pharos rollout that is moving forward in two separate parts:

  1. Student pay to print
  2. Departmental printing


I think we have figured out the student pay to print part, but we are having trouble with the business case for departmental printing.  And we wanted to reach out to other schools using Pharos for departmental printing to get a better understanding of how you are using it.


We'd like to roll out Pharos to departments university-wide to provide users with a single method for access control and reporting, but it seems cost prohibitive to roll out the Pharos software to all of our MFDs.  We have over 600 MFDs, so it is not cost effective to pay a one time and recurring cost to roll out Pharos software to all of our MFDs.  The cost of restricting and tracking who is copying and printing by using Pharos software on MFDs seems more expensive that just letting folks print whatever they want, but departments still want to implement access controls on MFDs.

Xerox accounting is a possible alternative, but it has some drawbacks - it splits up our print accounting across two systems and requires manual effort to set up and maintain access.


I'd like to hear how other schools are approaching this problem of rolling out Pharos to departments.