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    Pharos REST API Service

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      What is the Pharos REST API Service? What does it do?  What happens if it goes down?


      I do not see an actual service running on the computer called "Pharos REST API" - does it run under a different name?


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          Scott Olswold Guide



          REST is a way to get computers to communicate and do things over HTTP (for more, see Learn REST: A Tutorial: 1. What is REST?). We use it right now for the Pharos Print Center, part of Pharos Uniprint Suite 9.0. It runs as a web service within the Microsoft Windows server's IIS operation, so you won't see anything within the "Services" control panel for it.


          If it goes down (IIS isn't running, something critical happened within the underlying Microsoft .NET infrastructure upon which our API service runs, etc.), users won't be able to log into the "MyPrintCenter" website. Instead, they'll get some error that will allow you to troubleshoot and/or provide enough information for our Technical Support staff to assist you in resolution.



          Scott Olswold

          Pharos Systems

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