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    Mounts for Magnetic Card Readers?

    Kenna Smith Newbie

      Has anyone seen custom mounts for magnetic card readers?  One of the customers I work with is looking for a "more elegant" solution than tape or Velcro and I was just wondering what other folks in the community may have seen or if there are vendors that supply mounts like this for different print vendors without customization being required.


      Thank you for any help or insight you might be able to provide!

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          John Stewart Guide

          I've not seen anything like this.  The reality today is that even different devices from the same engine manufacturer tend to have very different layouts and covers.  So building a mount for one model typically wont work with any other model.  Unless you have a very homogeneous fleet you are probably looking at multiple physical mounting systems.  Given the low cost of the card readers the cost of a mounting system needs to be quite low which adds to the challenge.


          3M Dual Lock is the best thing we've found for mounting a reader.  It's not Velcro (which is hook and loop) and has far greater lateral stability.  This holds up well against the physical act of swiping a card where Velcro tends to give.


          One last issue on this topic.  If you lease your devices rather than own them make sure you check with your lease provider before mounting anything to the device.  Sometimes they are particular about what is allowed and what is not.  Also, if the reader is NOT part of the leased equipment (you purchased the readers to apply to your leased fleet) pay attention as devices are removed or replaced.  It's easy for the device to be wheeled away with all the equipment attached to it.

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            Kenna Smith Newbie

            Thank you for the feedback John, that helps a lot.