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    Konica Minolta Service won't start

    Lan Pham Newbie

      After yesterday's issue with the Pharos iMFP Device store being wiped, today the entire Konica Minolta Service will not start. I have confirmed that the .Net Framework dependencies are installed. I have tried manually starting the service, and rebooting the whole server and nothing seems to be working. Any advice and/or troubleshooting steps would be welcomed.

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          Lan Pham Newbie

          Our system is finally up and running, but for no apparent reason. I loaded the Pharos iMFP Management Console and it complained about the service not running. I ignored the error and allowed the interface to load up.  I then started removing copiers from the server one at a time.  After removing 2 copiers the Konicia Minolta Service just started on it's own and has been running fine for the last 2 hours. I reinstalled the Pharos software on the two copiers and everything appears to be working fine for now. I am still trying to track down what happened and why, but I have no leads.  If anyone has any ideas about what could have happened and how it could be avoided please chime in!

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              Scott Olswold Guide



              I'm sorry for the delayed response on this one. Essentially, your XML file had a corrupted entry (most probably the last one you removed), which was causing the start failure.


              We have had other sites complain of the issue with the XML file, and perhaps it is due to the file being open by the Konica Minolta service while some other system action (antivirus software?) is acting upon it. Suffice it to say, in a working environment, it is a good idea to make a backup of this file in the event something does go awry.



              Scott Olswold

              Pharos Systems Technical Support

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                  r.rogers@emos.com Adventurer

                  Hi Scott,


                  We've had the same corruption in the XML file two days in a row while installing 375 KM devices at a University customer (only up to MFD 28 at the moment) which has meant that each MFD goes offline and needs to be re-connected to the service and has caused the customer some concern that the solution isn't sufficiently robust.


                  Can I suggest that for the next release of the iMFP software this issue is looked at and perhaps the KM records are held in the Pharos database or some other DB structure rather than an xml file.




                  Richard Rogers