Exploration Bar Topics - Please Make Suggestions

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2015 Conference Attendees -


I am collecting topics for our Exploration Bar at the User Conference.  Our Exploration Bar will be continually staffed with Pharos support and developers for you to have 1:1 conversations and receive technical help.  We'd like to have some specific topics prepared that will be beneficial to most of our attendees.  We will still be available for all questions and topics, but by having interesting and helpful topics prepared in advance, we can add value to those that don't have specific questions.


I'll suggest a couple first and then I'd welcome other ideas too - just reply to this post.  Thank you very much.


Frank (Technical Support and Services)


Couple ideas:

1. Sizing hardware for a Uniprint Installation

2. How to secure Uniprint

3. How Beacon and Uniprint Jive