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    how to delete  inactive devices under  device management

    Jacob Letebele Wayfarer


      I need to delete all inactive devices under device management, how do I go about?

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          Scott Olswold Guide



          You cannot. The underlying transaction data and report data all reference devices by an ID number, and the original designers of the database chose to keep those relationships intact, even for derelict devices, through the product's lifecycle.


          Usually, the concern around deletion stems from the inactive devices' occupying rows in the Devices view, which makes it hard to manage current devices. In Blueprint 5.1 Service Pack 2, we implemented a "Show in Administrator" property for Devices and Users. This allows those objects to remain in the database, but keeps them from appearing in the Administrator application. If needed, you can always manage hidden devices by performing an advanced search and specifying the "hidden" objects in the search.



          Scott Olswold

          Pharos Systems Technical Support

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