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Userload Import Enhancement

Question asked by Gerald Rezes on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by Gerald Rezes

I've been using userload to import students from our badge department. The import works, but it acts as an all-or-nothing overwrite.  I receive a file from my badge department of current students.  I also have a group of generic vending cards in my Pharos DB.  The badge department doesn't know anything about the vending cards so if I try to import the badge import file they give me, it overwrites and removes badges from Pharos DB that are not in the import like the vending cards.  What I suggest is that the import file could be limited to a particular User Group so that my vending accounts or any accounts outside the desired import group are not deleted.   For example, if my students are all members of the group "public," I would like to specify that my import file only affect the "public" group and not anything other accounts in other groups.