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Configuring SignUp to Work with Clean Slate

Question asked by Roberts Laforge on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by Steven English

The library where I work is testing out Fortres Clean Slate 7 and have run into an issue.  There is some documentation available in relation to Deep Freeze, but none specifically mentioning Clean Slate.   What's happening is Signup is not keeping track of time logged in and who is logged in correctly.  For example I will log in as User A, log out, then log in as administrator and restart.  When the computer boots up, SignUp says it is reserved for User A even though I'd logged out already.  And while I am logged in as administrator, the clock will keep ticking.  So I'll log in as User A for 1 minute, log out, then log in as administrator for 5 minutes, log out, and log back in as User A and find 6 minutes have been counted against time.  Upon restart 4 or 5 of them will be added back onto my time allotment


We are currently running Uniprint 8.4 with SignUp Vx3.  The computer runs Windows 7 64-bit and is a Dell Optiplex 780. We used to have SteadyState and used a separate partition for SignUp.  Clean Slate allows one to set exceptions for programs and make certain directories writeable.  I've done that for C:\Program Files(x86)\Pharos and C:\Program Files(x86)\PharosSystems, but that hasn't helped.  Any advice would be much appreciated.