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    How to Upgrade uniprint 8.x to 9.x

    Muhammed Shamrees Wayfarer

      How to Upgrade uniprint 8.x to 9.x ? Please help me with Steps

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          Scott Olswold Guide



          The attached files will provide you what you need concerning this update. Some important notes:


          • If the "8.x" version is 8.1 or lower, there will be a significant SQL Server event so that the database schema can be modified to accommodate Unicode data sets. I suggest that you archive (and delete; or just delete) as many Transactions and Alerts as you are able, or you run the risk of the database server running out of disk space while upgrading, which will leave you in a very bad state. But, if you've backed up everything prior to the upgrade, then this is not that much of an issue.
          • Scripts (authentication, billing, job handling) in older versions may conflict with new versions of Uniprint due to deprecated functions, invalid SQL calls (if SQL calls are included; schema changes may make them look at non-existent data points), and so forth. You may open a ticket with Pharos Support, include those scripts, and ask for an "upgrade review". That usually takes 3 business days, as it is handled as a low-priority/as available basis.


          Thank you,

          Scott Olswold

          Pharos Systems Technical Support

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            Richard Post Guide



            If you are building up a fresh installation, especially from Windows 2003, please see this very useful discussion on the same topic.


            Pharos 9 on a new server, pointing to a current database


            - Rich

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