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    Enabling scan to email on Canon MFPs

    Kristen Conti Newbie

      I've been asked to look into enabling the scan to email feature on Canon MFPs for students to use.  We do not want to charge anything to use this feature.  I've come across a few Uniprint and Canon guides posted to the support community, but I'm not sure that I've got everything covered.


      I've gone into Pharos administrator > release stations > selected the MFP > expanded the MFD settings > set it to charge scans by page, and cost 0.  Is there anything else in Administrator I've missed?


      I've gone into the Canon's web remote UI portal > settings/registration > functions > send > networking email/fax > and entered the email server.


      When I swipe my card at the Canon, it brings me to the pharos options for print, copy and account.  I assume there should also be a button for the scan option - how do I enable that?  When I press the settings/preferences button on the canon it brings me to a limited settings list, and the login button is greyed out.


      Are there instructions on how to setup scan to email?

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          Timothy Grzeczka Pioneer

          There isn't a piece in the Pharos MEAP application to do Scan to Email. You have to setup the Canon so that the Canon's native Scan service is accessible to all users once they login. This varies based on the model Canon you're working with. This is usually done device to device while logged in as a Pharos admin.


          We have a few 5250s on our campus and what I ended up doing was hiding all the other buttons on the main screen except for Pharos and Scan.

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            brad Pioneer

            Came here to say pretty much the same thing as Timothy. We ended up opting out of enabling Scan to Email for security/privacy reasons (we're a public library service), and have kept it to just scan to USB. This was done by customising the touch panel on the printer, rather than within Pharos, so that scanning is done outside of Pharos, on the machine itself, and the rest of the stuff done within Pharos. Seems to work pretty well (even better now that we've replaced our old Ricohs with Xerox machines)

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              John Siegel Guide

              Hi Kristen,

                                 Which version of Pharos are you running? We are supporting scan-to-email via our MFP's using Xerox devices. We remove all the icons except copy and email. In order to activate the email function, the users have to authenticate using a Buff OneCard (the payment card used at the University of Colorado). To protect against spamming etc., each device has to be granted an exception to relay  (using SMTP) in order to send email out. The device is also tied into the LDAP (via an unique user name and password) in order to support the University directory lookup. The ability to send to "all" is blocked to prevent spamming or a "DOS" type attack. We do not charge for the scan-to-email service. The settings to allow scanning on the device are done locally at the unit. The Xerox devices allow you to set them to "release"  the scan without charging.


                                What are you using as print release stations? We are using the Pharos Omega boxes. I've not yet tried it, but we plan on testing the same process using iMFP in the near future. Several of the Campus Libraries are also public libraries, but in our case, we chose not to support scan to USB because security felt it was risky allowing users direct access to the device by enabling the USB ports.


                                On the Xerox MFP's, there is usually a service menu that gives you access to the "greyed out" buttons. I would guess that the Canon's are similar. You may need to contact a technician to get you into the additional menu settings.