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    Jobinformation canceled by plug-in

    Wally Strzelec Adventurer

      When a I upload a document using myprintcenter, Following the file name, I see the message processed and then get the message:Jobinformation canceled by plug-in, like this:


      "Filename.pdf - Jobinformation canceled by plug-in"


      Anyone else seen this? What is producing this error and how do I eliminate it?



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          Scott Olswold Guide



          It would be good to run Microsoft's DebugView (DebugView) on the server where MobilePrint is running, as well as enabling logging of the Pharos Uniprint components via LogSetter. After downloading Debugview and running it as an administrator, go to the capture menu and ensure that the following options are selected:


          When they are, choose the Capture menu again and choose "Capture Events" if it hasn't already been enabled. With DebugView active and LogSetter capturing logs, attempt the job upload again. The error will post in DebugView and the Print Service log. I suspect that there is a script tied to PrintJobArrive or close by that is requiring something not being furnished through PrintCenter.



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            Jeff Geller Guide

            Hi Wally,


            As Steven mentioned the Plug-in event called "JobInformation" of the Print Service is the point this is failing at and most likely because there is a script in place.  The most likely cause is the event is trying to notify the client machine the job came in from, however when uploading a print job using the Print Center there will not be a "client machine" that the Print Service will be able to send the Notify.Message to via a script.  If you are using "Informed Print" and have the Cost Notification turned on with no script in place this error will not happen.


            What the script would need is a section like below towards the top of the script.


            if (PlugIn.JobType == "MobilePrint") {

                 IO.PrintLine("DEBUG - Mobile Print job  - Do not send Notify to Client - Exit gracefully");

                 PlugIn.Result = true;

                 exit; }


            To have scripts verified when you upgrade from one version to another please contact us at Pharos Support.



            Pharos Support

            Jeff Geller