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how to notify client if error on printer

Question asked by Paul Bento on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by Steven English

Hello Everyone,

     We have to manually change the name of a print device or queue in order to keep users from unintentionally releasing jobs to a printer that has issues.

Even if the door is open -- the print job is released and money is debited from user's account.


Money is not taken off -- if the printer is "off-line".


     Seeking guides or examples on how the following can be accomplished....

I'd like to use Notify to send a message or messages if the following occurs --

     If a printer has an issue -- such as a defective sensor, jammed printer or other.

     Message might say -- "printer you selected is out of order --- please seek alternate printer".

     And on top of that prevent the print job from arriving at the release station.


Does anyone have examples or has a similar scenario running?


Thank you,