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    Logging admin actions?

    John Benedetto Adventurer

      Are any actions in Pharos admin logged and/or tracked?  Can anyone point me where to look?  (Just got back from vacation, still fuzzy, and work overloaded!)


      This week, we discovered a printer queue missing, and replaced with a misspelled replacement! We got that branch working again, but I would like to track down when it happened and if possible who messed up (not for anything drastic or nefarious, but more CYA... possibly remove their admin access, or at the very least  let them know what happened).


      Possible interesting background: one of the library branches we work with recently changed support people, and I wonder if they caused their own problem...

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          brad Pioneer

          Hi John - it depends on whether or not you have Logging enabled on your server (well, assuming the logging on the version you are on is the same as ours - we're on 8.3). It's currently enabled on our server, and there's a log file called "PharosAdministrator.2014-10-17T15-19-45" which is trapping events happening within the Pharos Admin side of things.


          I just created a new queue in the system and can confirm it logs actions along those lines:


          [-392031375] :: [2014/10/17 15:22:18.139 P6CB4 T007 d] PSComPClient.CreatePrinter DeviceType=Queue  PrinterName=bob  DriverName=Generic / Text Only  PortName=  SeparatorFile=  Comment=


          But I'm not entirely sure how helpful that's going to be for you, as it doesn't appear to provide any auditing-type info (again - YMMV depending on what version you're on). About the only thing I see there which *may* help is date and time... but that's a bit of a stretch.

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              Jeff Geller Guide

              What Brad mentioned is correct. The other two items about changing the name of the Queue and Deleting it can be found using the lines below.


              You will see this when a Queue gets created.

              PharosAdministrator] PSComPClient.CreatePrinter DeviceType=Queue  PrinterName=testq  DriverName=Canon iR-ADV C5030/5035 PCL6  PortName=  SeparatorFile=  Comment=    


              You will see this when a Queue gets a name change in the Pharos Administrator   

              PharosAdministrator] PSComPClient.UpdatePrinter DeviceType=Queue  PrinterName=testqq  NewPrinterName=testxxxx  NewDriverName=Canon iR-ADV C5045/5051 PCL6  NewPortName=  NewSeparatorFile=  NewComment=


              You will see this when a Queue gets deleted from within the Pharos Administrator.

              PharosAdministrator] PSComPClient.DeletePrinter PrinterName=testq



              Jeff Geller

              Pharos Support