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PS200 does not recognize touch, stuck at calibration screen.

Question asked by Ricky Johnson on Oct 9, 2014
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I have 3 Omega Terminal PS200s experience the same or similar issue.  When the device powers up, it is in Calibration mode and displays 'Please touch the target'.  This is similar to a KB article (  I cannot communicate with the device via ethernet, so I used a USB to perform the firmware upgrade to 1.0.1 rev 11257 (looked like the most current version).  After getting the message that the upgrade was successful, I power cycle the unit and it comes back to the calibration screen.  On two devices, it still does not recognize touch.  On one device, it recognizes some touch but it will fail out and restart before I can see the error message.  Sometimes it will say that the calibration failed and was off by xx pixels with a different number each time.


Thoughts?  Do I have three dead PS200 terminals?  It there any way to put them into debug mode or to see some logs on them?


Since the previous KB, has anyone else experienced this issue?