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    Mavericks, Yosemite and a Universal PPD

    Mike Dorris Tracker

      Does HP produce a universal PPD for Macs ( namely Yosemite, Mavericks compatible).   We have a mixed environment of HP's,  and I'd like to bundle and create a package for the students to install.  Also,  If there isn't how would I go about telling it to use Apple's generic PCL driver in the custom folder?  ( I've heard that works ok in a mixed environment with minimal features.  Any guidance is appreciated. 

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          Jim Gilliver Pioneer

          Hi Mike,


          If you're happy with the generic PCL PPD, then it's quite easy to include in the package.


          You can copy it to the Custom folder from its default location (which is a pretty deep path), or you can just do what I always recommend: set up the printer manually once, and copy the in-place PPD to your Custom folder.  This has the benefit of retaining some printer settings for the install (e.g. duplex support).


          1) Set up the printer the way you want, selecting the Generic PCL option.

          2) In Finder, use Go > Go To Folder (cmd-shift-G), and type


          3) In the folder, there will be a file named approximately the same as the printer you created (if you used a long name with spaces or interesting characters, it will be slightly different, but should be recognisable).  This file is a copy of the Generic PCL PPD.  Copy that file into your Custom folder.

          4) Rename the copy if you want, and use the filename in the script as the argument to -P.