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Trouble pushing updates out to Signup client(s)

Question asked by brad on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by brad

We've been having intermittent issues with some machines not getting updates pushed out from Pharos Admin, and I'm having trouble pinning down the cause... hoping someone has experienced similar and can offer some advice on where to look.


The scenario

(This has happened with multiple PCs - both virtual and physical - over time, from various sites, etc. with no commonality between them as far as we can tell. This example is just the latest of these instances)


One of our Deployment folks is working on some updates for our Catalogue PCs, and is working with his Pharos VM client machine. He wanted to change the machine from being a standard Public Internet PC to a Catalogue PC - made the changes in Pharos Admin, hit the Change Control and nothing happened. Rebooted multiple times, re-applied the changes, Change Controlled numerous times with no joy. Finally resorted to re-imaging the machine - to find it was STILL holding onto the old settings.


Disabling the PC from Nerve Centre works, confirming the communication between server and client are working fine.


What we've tried

  • Multiple change controls, reboots, and a re-image
  • Changed the Display name of the PC so it was a nice simple change which could be visually checked on the machine - no go
  • Checked firewall logs between both servers (Signup and Database are on separate machines), and there are no dropped packets. A Change Control initiated a PING to the client, but didn't appear to be anything else?
  • Change control to other machines in the system works fine (most of the machines, most of the time, at least)


So... putting this out there in the hope that it's something one/some of you have come across in the past and can pass on some knowledge/wisdom in the form of a silver bullet for our issue