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Temporary "move" of PCs with bookings?

Question asked by brad on Nov 2, 2014

Hi guys,


We're a public library service with multiple branches, some of which offer training courses on our public PCs, and occasionally some of those courses are done outside of regular library hours.


Our "regular" public PCs are set up with SignUp (8.2.3), whereby they (patrons) have a 1-hour session, which can be auto-extended up to a max of 2 hours, for a total max time per patron of 2 hours/day. We also have dedicated Catalogue PCs for patrons wandering the library to look up items, authors etc. that they are looking for - these are configured as Express Signup PCs which don't require them to authenticate, stay signed in for the majority of the day, and don't "cost" them any of their 2 hour allocation.That's all fine, and works a treat.


However, for the training sessions, which are hosted on our standard internet PCs, we would like to be able to temporarily change the machines from their standard internet configuration, to that of a "express training PC" setup, where the patrons don't need to sign in. This means that even folks who've had their 2 hours during the day, can still get on to the machines to participate in the training course.


The problem we're experiencing with this, is that if the PCs in question have bookings on them in the future, the system won't let us change them (understandably - generally speaking a booking is made for a PC of a certain configuration/location - if that were to change, then it could easily invalidate the booking).


Are there any downsides to us making this temporary change directly on the back end, and then changing it back when the course is done? Any other suggestions on how we could achieve this?