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    Option to remove users from DB

    Gerald Rezes Tracker

      Wasn't there an option in Pharos Administrator to set the number of days until old user accounts were purged from the system?  I'm looking in Uniprint v9 and I cannot find that setting.  We used to have it set for 365 days to removed stale auto-created user accounts.




      -Gerald Rezes

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          Steven English Guide



          Are you talking about visitor accounts created through the Nerve Center?  That setting is found in the Pharos Administrator under SignUp > SignUp Global Settings, then in the center pane expand the section labeled Visitor Accounts.  You should see the option to specify the number of days that visitor accounts are active.  A change control is necessary if you adjust this setting.




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            John Siegel Guide

            Hi Gerald,


                             I don't remember that capability. The problem we always had was that you can't remove a user account without deleting all the transactions\alerts in the Pharos DB. In our environment, we start off with a fresh DB after each upgrade. I save a copy of the old DB after creating monthly and annual reports via Pharos Reports. If I need to go back and capture anything else from the old data I reload the DB on a test server, and create a report. You could save the Pharos reports data in EXCEL format and populate an access DB to accomplish the same thing. We've convinced CU OIT that flushing the Pharos DB  is a good security practice for exactly the reason you mentioned.