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MyPrintCenter & MoblePrint 2.0 : Testing phase, customizations, and questions

Question asked by andrew on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by andrew

We are still in the testing phase of implementing "MyPrintCenter", largely because we have to wait for the purse strings to open as to whether we can take the MobilePrint and/or PayPal Gateway live.

With help from TracSystems we were able to put on a lively display for our review team.

Here is a cap of our login page. Logos by Steven English, colors and warning bar by me.


Without the warning bar:


and logged in with custom "Add Funds" button to make it more legible.



Obviously, it would be lovely to make the banner bars (orange in this shot, green in the first ones) the same, but after digging through the CSS for the first page, I did not bother for the second. Is this a setting that will be "sitewide" once customization is included in the MyPrintCenter functionality?


Here is a shot of what a Pharos login with Admin privileges sees, including the "Funds Report" tab:004_admin_gets_funds-report_tab.JPG.jpg

Here's what the Funds Activity report actually looks like:


There was some disagreement with our accounting dept. over how this should look, but in the end, I think everyone was OK with it.

One question which arose from here was:

What would be involved to give other Pharos users access to the "Funds Report" tab in the website?
Specifically we should be able to let "Pharos Reports" users see this tab...


One final "hack" I implemented and really like is to remove Android from the "mobile device" list. Now, on a Galaxy S4 we see the whole web site, can upload docs to print, etc.:



Here is the upload interface:


And after clicking "documents", many choices are available



and uploaded they are



Here's the interface to swap simplex/duplex



Totally digging this. Is there, or will there be, an option to choose what devices we would like to treat as mobile (without messing with the code) ?


At any rate, for anyone wondering approximately what this might look like, how customizable it is, etc., here is an example. I'm no web developer, and Steven spent less than 10 minutes while we were on the phone ironing out some other details to get the logos in place. I understand, as some of the questions above reflect, there will be a more friendly customization method released soon, so I wanted to pitch this stuff out there...