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Mobileprint and limiting email accounts

Question asked by John Siegel on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2014 by John Siegel

I've seen a bit of chatter about character limitations (max 255) with Mobileprint from the perspective of not providing enough character space for email account adds. What about going in the other direction. Anyone restricting the number of accounts? If so, how are you going about it? If you are using the email registration process, did you get any push back from IT security, if so, how did you get around their concerns?


CU wants to try and limit the number of accounts to two per user. Allowing email accounts without governance is becoming a support nightmare. CU uses a program called ID Manager that allows students, faculty and staff to change their default email account to any of approximately 75 different domain names, i.e.,, etc.That's not including the potential use of outside accounts, i.e., etc. We get help desk calls with users complaining that Mobileprint isn't working when in fact the problem is they are sending from an email address that is not registered with Mobileprint.


Since we can't use the email registration capability (due to the concerns of OIT security), in our system, using a script, the Pharos DB captures the user data from the print release station when the users card is swiped for the first time. The LDAP is queried and the info placed in a user account. ID Manager is synced with the LDAP. That means that whatever email account the user has set in ID Manager as the default is the one that gets  "registered" in the Pharos DB. So they have to know which account was the default when they swiped their card the first time and send from that account to Mobileprint. If we could restrict it to one of two accounts, they would know ahead of time which to send from instead of trying to remember (don't forget, pot is legal in CO, I wonder if the University of Washington has similar problems ) which default email they registered.


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