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    Prox Card Readers resetting to default?

    Mike Welsh Wayfarer



      We use RF Ideas RDR-70H1AGU readers here. A while back my customer ordered a new batch of prox cards, and we had to increase the ID code Bit count from 16 to 22, to allow for the higher numbered cards. I've noticed that some of them, from time to time, have reverted to 16 bits. I've searched and can't find anyone else experiencing this issue. My customer did have a scheduled power outage recently, and today I discovered 5 devices that had reverted to the default. Has anybody experienced this or know of anything that may cause it?


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          Scott Olswold Guide



          The RFIdeas product is a consistent and resilient performer for those accounts that use them, and we have thousands deployed.


          I have an RDR-6081AKU at my desk, it gets its fair share of abuse (sudden disconnects because I need a USB port for something, bumped off my desk and onto my tile floor, crushed by my son's Geometry textbook when he unceremoniously plops his homework down for me to check after my workday has ended, passed from virtual machine to virtual machine for testing this-or-that) and the configuration that I created for it some 4 years ago persists today. That being said, it is not made of adamantium steel either.


          We've not recorded an incident of a configuration reset on an RFIdeas proximity card reader in our support database. However, since the configuration is stored in a nonvolatile memory location, electrical interference, a surge/spike, or magnetic interference might cause the configuration to corrupt and potentially appear (or become) to be a default configuration.



          Scott Olswold

          Pharos Systems Technical Support

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            John Stewart Guide

            I've passed this post along to our friends at RFIdeas.  I'll post their response here when it comes back.

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              John Stewart Guide

              RFIdeas support came back with the following questions:


              - What is the firmware version of the troubled readers (FW back label)?

              - Do the 5 that reverted back have the same firmware version?