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Uniprint 9.0 + Win7/Win8 + Remote = :-(

Question asked by andrew on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by andrew

Unpirint 9.0 +WinXP + Remote = :-D


I would love to know if anyone has found a method, preferably easily implemented, to allow Pharos Remote to work on Win7/8 like it did in WinXP, which is to say, as a member of the ordinary local "Users" group, seamless launch and request for Pharos ID to log on and do "Pharosy things".

So far, the ONLY solution I have found is bump my users up to members of the local Administrators group so they can OK the UAC prompts.

Disable UAC, you say? Done that. As per

Works great if you are an admin: no prompt, seamless launch, prompt for Pharos ID/Logon to do "Pharosy things".

If you NOT an admin, though, UAC still prompts for an admin to allow the program to run.


I also tried configuring Remote, with UAC "disabled", on Win 2012 RemoteApp server. Still prompts for UAC, and then crashes, though it works peachy if launched locally (as an admin).


Also, I fear, moving to Win7/8 for the Pharos Station and/or Reports may cause me similar difficulties. Am I the only person experiencing the prompt for UAC even if it's "turned off"?


I feel like I must be missing the giant "on/off switch". Does everyone in the entirety of the universe except me allow all their users local administrator access? Surely that is not THE answer to this...


Thank you for your time.