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    Install Pharos Admin on Surface Pro

    Timothy Grzeczka Pioneer

      I was wondering if anyone has installed Pharos Admin on a Surface Pro...I tried to and it said I needed .Net Framework 3.5 which didn't want to install on the Surface.

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          Steven English Guide

          Based on it being a Surface Pro, it should be running a normal desktop version of Windows as opposed to the RT version (as you know).  That leads me to think that the issue - as you indicated - deals exclusively with .NET 3.5 installing as opposed to this being an issue with Pharos. 


          Which specific version of the OS is it running?  Presuming it is still running Windows 8, .NET 3.5 should be a regular Windows feature that can be added with a check box (execute "optionalfeatures" from the run command to avoid the stupid menu system and get right there).