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Using multiple email accounts in Pharos Mobileprint 2.0

Question asked by John Siegel on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by Jeff Geller

Anyone allowing users to associate multiple email accounts with their user account? Any challenges, or restrictions, i.e., doesn't work and play well with GMail, Hotmail. etc.?


We use a passive registration process. Users swipe their cards at a Print Release Station (PRS) and the script queries the LDAP and populates the user account in the Pharos DB.Our challenge is that users can alter their default email account listed in the LDAP, meaning if it doesn't match what is in the Pharos DB when they registered, they get  a bounce back asking them to register. Allowing for multiple email account association with a single account user would help mitigate the problem.


Can the additional email accounts be added manually?