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    Migrating from Express to Full SQL

    Gerald Rezes Tracker

      Has anyone migrated their Uniprint environment from a local Microsoft SQL Express install to a separate Microsoft SQL database server?  If so, can you kindly share any tips, tricks and/or pitfalls.  I believe that having an 'sa' account is still an issue with upgrading Pharos; meaning hopefully the campus IS will give my access to the sa account when I need to do upgrades. 


      I am considering moving the database when I migrate from Uniprint v8.3 to v9.0.  Should the database migration be completed before the upgrade or after? 



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          Richard Post Guide

          Move the database after the upgrade is complete and successful.  This way you only have one variable at a time.


          Also, you don't necessarily need the SA account but a SysAdmin level account that can create and modify databases and user accounts.  You only need the account temporarily during the install as the "Pharos" account in SQL is used after the installation.


          Some of the other technical folks can give better and cleaner methods of moving databases as I have always done it manually and then I fix what I break until it works.   I'm not sure if any of the server migration tools that we have had before would accomplish this for you, as they would be worth looking into...

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            Scott Olswold Guide



            The Pharos Server Migration Tool (downloadable from Uniprint Service Packs and Hot Fixes can help you here (it's in the Uniprint 8.2 section).



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              Gerald Rezes Tracker

              I spoke with Pharos support on this issue late last week and we walked through the scenario that would work best for our site.  Basically I will need to get my DBA involved to move the DB to one of the university's SQL servers first.  After validating that the database is working on the new server, then I will upgrade to Uniprint 9.  I've used the database migration tool in the past but I don't know if it will work in this case.  Thanks all.