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    Using Userload with -RM option

    lpadgett Scout

        Hi everyone,  I am trying to tidy up my Uniprint user accounts with the Userload program. I am currently running it with the -FN and -PS options on my dev server, but wanted to try to include -RM for a one time cleanup. We just got done configuring a specific user feed from Datatel and I wanted to try and delete some of the unnecessary accounts created by updating from our LDAP connection. 


        I just wanted to know if there are necessary admin/cashier users that need to be specified in the .csv file.  I figure that I need all of my admin accounts in the file, but are there any other accounts that should be included such as edicashier or offline? 

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          Daniel Johns Tracker

          There is no need to worry about the special accounts ("offline" and "edicashier") created by the system, since the Batch Loader will never delete them (or, for that matter, the user specified with the -CL parameter).  Other than that, if a user account is in the Uniprint database but not in the file, -RM causes the account to be deleted; so if you have created any user accounts for special purposes, and want to keep them, you'll need them in the file, like the admin accounts.