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Printing behavior changes after removing print quotas

Question asked by Robert Kruse on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by Chris Axtell

A little back of our departments has paid to subsidize their students' printing by giving them a quota. Once the students have met the quota they then have to pay for all pages printed. Professors and students love this, but the IT support and finance staff do not like it at all. We are trying to make a case for the removal of the quota, but since the decision makers for the quota (deans and professors) don't care about how much it costs monetarily we need to sell them on the benefits of removing the quota without focusing on the financial side of things. We are currently focused on sustainability efforts in hopes to show a drop in extraneous printing. But since we have never removed a quota that students have become accustomed to, we don't have any actual data on what happens when a print quota is removed.


Has anyone removed print quotas in favor of charging for all jobs/pages? And if so, what changes in printing habits did you notice?


Any information would be greatly appreciated.



-Robert Kruse

Emory University