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    SignUp For Mac - Wrong Machine Name in Pharos Admin

    Timothy Grzeczka Pioneer

      I've been troubleshooting something odd for a while now. When we install SignUp on a Mac we don't see the right machine name in Pharos admin. For example a machine named "CR302-04" (confirmed in the settings on the Mac) comes up as Network Name "ASARKISIAN-M". I checked and it's possible this was a previous name for the Mac before it was reimaged to be used in our Library. Under the Display Name in Pharos Admin, it shows "CR302-04". So it's pulling the name correctly for the default Display Name, but that Network Name is coming from someplace else.


      Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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          Jim Gilliver Pioneer

          Hi Timothy,


          If you open Terminal.app, what names (if any) do you get from running either of these commands?

             scutil --get HostName


          I have seen my machine change its name to the result of a reverse lookup on a new IP, regardless of what I have set in the sharing preferences.  This only happens when the system configuration value for HostName is not set (the result of the second command above).  You can use:

             sudo scutil --set HostName CR302-04

          to set this.  You could also confirm and correct the reverse lookup for the IP that machine is using.


          After that, you will want to change the name in the Pharos Administrator, and reboot the client.  If you do this before installing the SignUp Client, the Setup Assistant should use the right name to register.