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Fault-finding for Omega setup?

Question asked by brad on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2014 by John Siegel

Hi guys,


I'm new to setting up/configuration Omega terminals, as this has been done for us by our support agent in the past, however I'm currently setting up a test environment for the purpose of testing the new Xerox machines we'll be moving to shortly.


I've obtained a copy of the Install and Config file for the PS200. It's up and running, for the most part, but I'm having issues with getting it to learn the pulses from the copier. Our Xerox support tech is coming around tomorrow to look at it with me, in case it's an issue with the interface cable (which he's just had to replace, as it was supplied with the wrong version the first time around), and I'm posting this in the hopes that someone's watching and has come across this before and can give some pointers on the process to go through for establishing the cause of the issue.


The symptoms as I'm seeing them at this point in time, is going through the learning process on the Omega, and failing on the first of the tests with an error saying that it's unable to determine the difference in pulses received from the machine between B&W 1 copy, and Colour 3 copies, or similar. Initially, I thought it was just duplex/simplex which was the issue, but I took it right back to only having A3/A4 and B&W/Colour, and still had issues with the learning.


Is there something else I should be doing, or something I can have our printer tech look at for this??