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MobilePrint v2 - Mail forward vs. proxy address (i.e. mail alias)

Question asked by Chris Axtell on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2014 by Steven English

Digging through the "MobilePrint 2.0 Installation and Configuration Guide for Uniprint.pdf" documentation it follows similar directions to the MobilePrint v1 with regards configuring MobilePrint email address to managed different print formatting/types when using the Terminal Release option. Both versions recommend setting up a primary email account (e.g. and then setting up all other email accounts (e.g. (pg.  58) to be forwarded (from the server side) to the primary email address (pg. 59).


So the question is does it have to be a mail forward, or can the alternative addresses be configured as a proxyAddresses (i.e. email alias) on the primary address? Since the "to" header remains the same in either case Pharos should be able to process the message in the same fashion for both options.


Searching through the community site I didn't seem to find any discussion with regards to this oneway or the other, and was wondering which options people are using. Are there pros/cons (besides the obvious pro of having only one email account to manage when using proxy addresses) with with one vs. the other?