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MobilePrint v2 - Requiring/recommending all MobilePrint servers run same OS?

Question asked by Chris Axtell on Jun 2, 2014
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So reading through the MobilePrint 2.0 Installation and Configuration Guide for Uniprint.pdf and noticed on paged 23 a note indicating that "If you have multiple MobilePrint servers, make sure that each server runs the same operating system."


For small deployments this might not be much of an issue; however, if you read through the document and follow the recommendation for large sites, or sites with remote locations the "MobilePrint Worker Service (in Document Release mode only)" (page 22) should be installed on every Pharos Uniprint Print Server.


So the question is it required that all print servers be running the same OS, or simply just recommended? If its required, at what level (e.g. major, service patch, security update, etc.)? In a deployment with numerous print servers, especially geographically remote locations, simple patch management processes will lead to cases where servers are running different versions of an OS since it is not uncommon for servers to be patched at different, staged, intervals.


If this is discussed elsewhere and I simply missed it, any links to the documentation/discussion would be welcome.