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LexMark Registerme

Question asked by Mark Hamer on May 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by Jeff Geller

Hi, we are unable to get this working anymore, was working fine on 3.1 and in test on 5,1 sp1.2


but now we have rolled it out registerme fails (wither a stopwatch, or just returns back to home screen) im not actually at work so cant get at embedded logs, for a day or two)


but the only significant change is we imported 3000 users in to new phaors  could that be the cause?


we exported card data from SQL and exported user data from AD


imported users data via HR import and Card data via Transitional import, all "looks" good when you browse users in "Employees" section


is there maybe a time out or something else going on due to number of users?


I have posted an earlier question re ports and firewalls that of course may be cause/related,  but if not   worth discussing this side of things



anyway have a great weekend