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Firewalls and Blueprint 5.1

Question asked by Mark Hamer on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by Scott Olswold

Hi, we have what appears to be a working system in one of our sites, the edas url works, ldap works  for regsterme etc.


but when I try set up a printer at a different site   the test within the printer fails on both ldap and edas.   I know details are correct,


what needs to be open on firewalls? that may be blocking this?


we had pre-opened the same ports from V3.1  are there any new ones?


(im aware of 80 801 etc but are there any printer specific ones?



thanks in advance.


an error in Printer log (Lexmark t656)

ERROR 80 registerme -T|Registerme|BADURL|s|https://Collector url


the sam eurl cut an dpaste don to the local site works fine.