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    Is it possible to charge per sheet, as opposed to by page?

    Dan Courtney Newbie



      Here at the University of Sheffield we are looking at the charging options in Uniprint 8.4.  Currently we charge 5p per sheet for printing (with the help of a script) and 5p per page for copying, but we would like to drop the charges for copying down to match the printing costs.


      However, we are unable to use the script as it uses the page counter and the Job Cost Method setting dont allow for charging on a sheet basis (that I can see).  I have played with simplex/duplex options, but I dont seem to be able to get all jobs to be charged at a flat rate per sheet.


      Has anyone else done this, or can anyone help me in getting this configured?

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          Daniel Johns Tracker

          Charging for copying by the sheet is not a need that we had anticipated, and there is no way to define the charge for copying on an explicit "per sheet" basis.  For copying, using a job-costing script is not an option, due to the way that Uniprint's handling of copying is designed; it is necessary to specify a per-page cost for each type of page that the system regards as different.


          One thing that might possibly give effective per-sheet charging is to set up a Job Cost Method that specifically recognizes Duplex as an attribute that affects charging, then setting all prices for Duplex to half as much as the price for non-Duplex; two pages of Duplex, both on the same sheet of paper, would then be charged the same as one page that is the only printed side of its sheet of paper.  However, depending on how smart the copiers and copy stations are, users might be able to subvert such a solution by finding a scenario in which a copy job is incorrectly reported as an odd number of Duplex pages, saving half the price of the last (or only) page of a copy job; it would be necessary to test for this with each model of copier that you are using.  If you find that this method can be subverted, then I can't think what else might meet your need.  Does anybody else here have any ideas?


          By the way, when it comes to printing (as opposed to copying), I'm sure there are easier ways to implement a flat per-sheet charge that by using a script.

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            brad Pioneer

            Considering the "real" cost of printing isn't the paper, but the ink that's used, it's certainly a fairly unusual option to choose to charge per sheet, rather than by page and/or attributes (ie. colour, duplex etc).


            Not trying to talk you out of it, Dan... but have you considered not using the per-sheet option? Seems to me you've been backed into a fairly complex corner which may not be sustainable over time? Just my $0.02

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                Dan Courtney Newbie

                Hi Brad, thanks for your $0.02


                Yep, you're clearly right, the wish to align copying charges with printing charges is mostly just a convenience thing without having to change the cost of printing.  But it's also about having clearly defined services that users and support staff can understand easily.  Originally it was brought in to help promote duplex printing when we made that the default and there was a clear argument that it was cheaper for the students and was arguably a greener option by using less paper too.


                But I can see that the right decision for the long term is probably going to review the charges for both printing and copying and look to implement costings consistently across the board, but using the JCM settings, which will mean a change to our current charging model. 


                Short term pain....

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                    brad Pioneer



                    I completely understand – and also agree with the promotion of duplexing. Also, providing a service to your users which is consistent is also a good thing!


                    One thing to consider is, that with printing at least (not sure about copying… hadn’t actually considered that aspect of it, tbh), you can charge less for a duplexed sheet than 2 singles would cost, by using the attribute costing. So you can at least achieve that side of things (no pun intended) easily enough.





                    Brad Martin

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                  Katherine Baynton Ranger

                  When it comes to charging for printing, it is possible to set the Pagecounter to return a sheet-based count (instead of page-based), which means you just need to set your 'per page' cost to be the 'per sheet' cost you wish to charge and then no script would be required. 

                  Under the registry key: HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Pharos\Page Counter

                  Set 'Page Stats' to 2 - this will force the pagecounter to return sheet-level job details.


                  However, for copying I am unable to offer anything more useful than Daniel's suggestion at this point.