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Printer package default settings reverting??

Question asked by brad on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by brad

Hi guys,


I've been working on setting up a "test" environment for testing printing/copying in our Production environment, in preparation for our fleet of printers being replaced by a new make/model (Xerox Apeosports), and I've come across a somewhat annoying issue that I'm hoping someone has come across and conquered previously.


Our current environment utilises a universal PCL6 driver, and it seems to work fine. However, with the new fleet, we're looking at using the specific driver for that range of printers, as they had issues with the universal driver in earlier (non-Pharos) testing, and we'd prefer to keep it consistent across the board.


The issue I've been experiencing, is that the default settings configured in the printer prior to building the driver package are not being maintained when the package installs on the clients - in short, the colour setting is reverting back to the default of "color", whereas we'd like for them to have to specifically set it to colour if that's what they wish to use.


I've tried re-creating the queues, devices etc. any number of times. I've gone through the settings, defaults, configs etc of the printers a gazillion times to ensure I've not missed some little quirky button somewhere which has "color" as the default. I'm quite positive I haven't.


Has anyone come across this, or at least have suggestions on what else there is I can look at/try to resolve this?