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Install fails at last stage  Pharos 5.1

Question asked by Mark Hamer on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by Mark Hamer

hi, i have installed this many times, but not seen this error.


essentially the DB side of things doesnt work


Windows 2008 server for pharos


windows 2003 SQL 2005 cluster for DB's   the DB instance already contains several unrelated DB's  (we are sharing)



and I connect  by using   servername,instanceportnumber    servername\instance   doesnt work


Error creating database: the create database statement failed. the primary file must be at least 250mb to accomodate a copy  of the model database.



Its a very secure, very "important" SQL Cluster so i cant do too much troubleshooting, we have several "test" rigs but never seen this happen on those.


any help appreciated.
I cant post the logs at present, but will do once i have cleansed them.    but the statment is fairly self explanitory.