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    Hello, issue No2  New analyst cant release jobs

    Mark Hamer Scout

      Network Id: "user, user(E)", Component: EDI,
      Terminal: hostname, User Terminal Session:
      501fe00c-c087-4e2a-9495-79e2107932e0, Message: "An internal server error
      occurred. Failed to release the securely held print job. The Secure Release
      operation 'ReleaseJob' failed. Printer has a fault.", Job Source: Native,
      Job Id: eabad1ed-8f7f-474c-ac39-c4f4507a62d5



      any ideas where to look? every thing "looks" fine

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          Mark Hamer Scout

          update, this occurs on x945 and t46


          Direct printing works fine


          but jobs don't release from Pharos


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            Scott Olswold Guide



            This will happen under the following circumstances:


            • Blueprint 5.1 Service Pack 1.2 has been installed on the Analyst and Collectors
            • The device is unable to respond to SNMP GET for Printer Status for any of the following reasons:
              • Could be part of an SNMP Community that is something other than 'public'
              • SNMP is disabled for the device
              • SNMP (UDP port 161/162) is disabled at the switch, router, firewall


            The corrective action is found on Page 15 of the "Blueprint 5.1 Service Pack 1.2 New Features" PDF (in the \Documentation folder) that accompanies the service pack:


            Turning off printer status check

            If your device does not support SNMP, the printer will be assumed to be permanently offline. It is possible to turn off/disable the status check for a device.

            To turn off printer status check, do the following on ALL Blueprint servers:

            1. Rename or delete the ‘AssetManagement’ directory from the Secure Release Application Data directory. This directory is usually in C:\ProgramData\PharosSystems\SecureRelease\AssetManagement.
            2. Restart ‘Pharos Systems Secure Release Service’.


            I hope that this helps.